Instagram Releases New Reels Features 2022 - Help To Get High Reach and Followers

Instagram adds new functionality to its short-form video format reel, giving creators new ways to connect with audiences.

Instagram today rolled out new features to Reels, giving users more ways to apply their creativity to short video clips.

These features are intended to help content creators connect with their audiences, engage audiences, and express themselves in new ways.

Currently, the social media platform's video is its fastest growing feature worldwide, with over 675.3 million users.

This means that more than a quarter of Instagram's more than 2 billion users are using this functionality.

In addition to refreshing its collection of sound effects, Instagram Reel now allows users to upload their audio files directly.

Suitable for commentary, jingles, or background noise, creators can import sound into their camera roll from any video that's at least five seconds long. These recordings will then be available for use by other accounts on the reels.

Another update is the new length restriction. Previously, all videos were limited to 15 seconds, but Instagram has now increased this to 600%, allowing users to post clips of up to 90 seconds. Reel ads now have a maximum running time of 60 seconds.

Interactive stickers that were previously only available for Instagram Stories are now available for use in videos as well. It offers new opportunities for audience engagement through polls, quizzes and emoji sliders.

Instagram now also allows creators to use any other video as a template when creating their reel. By pre-loading audio and clip placeholders from the source video, users will only need to add and trim their own unique clips.

How do I get new Instagram features

As online video views have nearly doubled since 2018, it has become a vital tool in many marketers' arsenals. This is especially true for reels which have proven to be helpful in attracting viewers.

According to Instagram, public accounts with more than 10,000 followers who posted at least five reels in a 60-day period received 250% more followers than those in the same category who didn't post reels.

Instagram video posts currently generate an engagement rate of 1.5%, which indicates that people are doing more than scrolling. Additionally, 86% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product with Instagram content that has a "Shareable" rating.



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