Top 100+ EDU Backlinks Sites List 2021

What is .EDU Submission Sites?

.edu submission sites are websites related to educational institutions. Education is one of the oldest institutions. Therefore, education sites claim to be older than most business websites, although not as much as .com websites. As an SEO tool, bloggers get .edu backlinks sites when they link to these sites.

Google Search and other search engines rank educational sites highly. Some even suggest that one link from the educational site list is worth ten backlinks from another site. Some experts do not agree that .edu links are quality links meant to be educational sites only. Opponents argue that the site domain is concerned with the quality and relevance of its content, rather than merely being educational.

How to Backlinks from High quality .edu site list

Getting quality backlinks from .edu submission sites is expensive. You may have to spend some money. It may take some valuable time of yours. You won't regret the effort though. Then what do you need to do to get these links? Let me shed light on some strategies that I think will be beneficial for you.

Benefits of .edu Backlinks

I have already said that different experts in search engine optimization have different views about the superiority of educational websites over other sites as an SEO strategy. In addition, I have listed below some of the benefits you can get from your list of educational websites.

1. High PR

.edu sites enjoy higher DA as compared to other websites. Search engines trust them probably because the content on their sites is more credible and reliable than the content on commercial websites. There is also the fact that such sites do not accept links with any website. Sites link only to sites that are legitimate educational resources.

2. Quality Backlinks

Getting backlinks from high DA .edu sites is not cheap. However, we must appreciate that these are highly coveted links by bloggers around the world. The quality of the backlinks you get from your educational websites list is worth your effort and money. Quality links are essential for your site traffic, domain authority, and Alexa rank.

3. Increase Website Traffic

.Edu website gives you a high level of traffic because millions of young people are connected to the .edu website list and if your website or comment are related to them they will visit your website.

High-Quality Edu Backlinks Sites List


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