Medium Use These EDU Backlinks Links To Grow Their DR and DA (Case Study)?

We all know, is a great platform to share your ideas with the people all over the world in the form of blogs and articles.


Medium is a content platform founded by Ev Williams and Jason Goldman, both of which are the original founders of Twitter and you can see this reflected in some aspects of the platform.


This allows content to be both easily created and consumed, and is heavily influenced by social media in terms of helping to distribute content (as follows, shares, etc.).


Its internal algorithm aims to give greater visibility to content that attracts the highest levels of engagement (people read content, comment, refer to others, etc.). Edu Backlinks Case Study?


If Check out medium in ahref then you See that medium DR -94 and UR -89 that is a very big numbers .as you see in the given screenshot.


When you click on the backlinks button you can get out the list of backlinks 10000 Approx. Edu Backlinks thus gives referring to medium site. Check out the given screen shot.


These all links are index and high DA website. Same of the edu site remove the links of medium they is a point that educational not approve all the link and irrelevant link to the site.

How Edu Backlinks Grow Medium DR and DA?


Edu Backlinks (Education commenting Site Backlinks) are one the most important backlink for your website because these backlinks list one the most trust able and quickly index able edu backlink. Education backlinks build your website trust in Google terms.

How to Get Medium Edu Backlinks

Edu backlinks are educational links, sites with .edu backlinks are viewed by Google as authority sites that can be trusted.


When you are building backlinks, there are some qualities you want to explore. Relevant, high domain authority, low (or no) spam score, high citation flow and trust flow. If you are in the SEO game at any time, you already know this.

  • To get an .edu domain extension you need to be a certified educational institution (thus making the domain more valuable to acquire)
  • .Edu domains publish high-quality and authoritative information that Google likes
  • Top .edu domains often have tons of points that increase their domain authority and flow score
  • Many .edu domains are quite old, meaning they have more authority and links pointing to the domain
  • These reasons alone mean that most edu domains have more than common rights with Google and users.

I think Google favours these domains a bit - not excessive, however, content is still king - and I believe the focus is on getting some quality edu and gov backlinks for SEO purposes Doing so can help you rank better.


We you know the importance of the of the .edu website list. and backlinksworld share medium edu powerful backlinks list. So you don't need to buy paid edu backlinks beacuse we share all edu website list with you, So checkout our list of backlinks and grow your website DA and DR Faster.

 These is the List of Medium backlinks -: survey pilot sls/summary.aspx公告-垃圾桶協助清理意願調查與天數3樓空間意見/واجهة-الكلية-jpg/주차/;rgn=main;rgn=main홍지인기자남북은14일재개된고위급접촉에서부산/ández’s-time-data-ethics-conversations-your-dinner-table实验室同学为孙未未老师和荆一楠老师庆祝教师节-2/朱良同学参加复旦大学计算机科学博士生论坛作报-2/实验室买书/開発者コミュニティ-documents/arcgis-api-for-python-を使ってみよう-web-マップを作成してみよう/ta-p/910802 Tools/Chapter2.html Martin参加ndbc会议/;format=fullискусственный-интеллект-и-проблемы-обеспечения-международной-инфої-produkciї/4-zberigannya-moloka-ta-molochnix-produktiv/



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