Top 100+ Free Article Submission Sites 2022

Are you a Content Writer or Marketer? Then you surely understand the struggle of finding a good article submission site that can promote your content on article viewing sites. With the help of article submission sites, you can definitely increase your search engine ranking along with increasing traffic.

Submitting articles using the right keywords is one of the most effective off-page search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to increase brand and personality awareness.

What is Article Submission?

Article submission is the process of publishing your article on a third party website with the goal of generating high quality backlinks to your blog or website. Dofollow article submission sites can improve your page traffic and increase the value of domain authority.

Article submission is also an integral part of content marketing, through which you can promote articles related to your business on famous article submission sites.

Key benefits of Article Submission Site

Article submission sites allow you to submit high-quality, informative and unique content to third-party websites for better outreach. In addition to exposure, there are many additional benefits to choosing such sites, such as:

  • Getting better search engine ranking.
  • Generate leads mostly with free marketing.
  • Establish your identity as a subject matter expert.
  • You can get yourself some real, permanent backlinks.
  • If visitors follow the backlink then your website traffic can also increase.
  • Article submissions - author or ghost - can help increase the domain authority of your website, thus improving page rank as well.
  • In this age of social media, viral content offers a chance to collect many high-quality backlinks.

Are there different types of Article Submission Sites?

It should be noted that there are two major types of such sites:

Paid Article Submission -:These sites charge you a fee for publishing your content as a nominal editorial fee. You may also consider partnering with these sites in India to publish sponsored content.

Free Article submission -: Self-explanatory, free article submission sites allow you to publish a Web 2.0 blog at no extra charge. You can further your link leveraging agenda here to increase your domain value and earn do-follow or no-follow links.

Check out our List of Free Article Submission Sites 2022


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