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Q&A Sites

There are question and answer sites where you can post your questions and get answers. These sites are one of the best options to bring direct traffic to your website and you will also get backlinks at the same time.

How to use the Question and Answer website?

If your wants to create backlinks on Q&A Site then they are same step that you should follow to get Q&A Site link -:

Step 1: Sign up for any of the pages mentioned in the Q&A. Section. You can either create a new account by entering your username, email address and password, or you can use your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter accounts to sign up.

Step 2: After signing up you will have to complete the account verification process by clicking on the link sent to your email address.

Step 3: After checking your username, you have to fill your profile with information including your first name, last name and website URL. You can also access many forums on the question and answer pages which are important to your niche.

Benefits of Question and Answer Sites

Each off page technique gives us same benefits and they helps us to grow our website traffic and ranking, now we check benefits of Q&A Site

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Increase Domain Rating

Yes, if you are answering questions and answer sites, your site will receive some link juice from those sites, which will support your domain authority.Questions and answers on websites tell search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. They increase your authority and credibility. This improves your ranking on keywords related to your business.

Improve organic search traffic

Answer questions and answer sites tell search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. They increase your authority and credibility. This improves your ranking on keywords related to your business.

Get direct traffic to the website

Traffic is driven by responses. Answers to questioning and answer sites are exchanged within the network, enabling more users to access the blog than they otherwise would have access to.

Improve your keyword organic rank

Once you start publishing quality content, you will want to promote it. Want to increase website traffic free? Instead of paying for advertisements, increase your organic website traffic by bookmarking posts and indexing the pages yourself.

Website Branding and Promotions

In simple words, it is the act of tagging a website and saving it for later use and reference. Tagged websites are saved on the web instead of your own web browser. It enables users to add, annotate, edit and share bookmarks of websites. Question and answer sites are a powerful tool in promoting a website.

It helps in indexing

Answering on sites like Quora helps to index blog entries more easily. When you publish a post on your blog and send a link to many social bookmarking sites, users can share it if they like it and find it useful. It will also send a signal to Google, which will support your post rating.

Diversify your link building profile

Link diversity is a strategy for obtaining inbound links from a wide variety of pages (eg directories, articles, news links). Link diversity also means obtaining links from different types of domains viz. Education, .com ,. Net and so on.

Increase number of referring domains

Increasing the number of referring domains is another way of using social bookmarking software. When you see an article on social media marketing as a marketer, you should tag it as "social media" so that the social media team can identify it. In addition, once someone in the team has access to the platform of the question-answer site, they can check in on a daily basis to find the tools they need.

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Tips for Effective Answers on Question Answer Sites

  • While answering any question, be sure to check all the specific details about the subject.
  • If you can traffic to your website, then choose your relevant niche questions and answer them.
  • Use quality materials. Your rankings, membership rates & amp; CTR depends on the quality of your content.
  • Always interesting & amp; Relevant Title. Do not put too much-unrelated content in your answer.
  • Never add multiple links in the answer.
  • If the website allows you to add an image to the answer, then you should add at least 1-2 images to the answer.
  • Never put any wrong information in an answer, most top question and answer sites usually check the relevance of the answer, so chances are your answer will be deleted.

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