TOP 50+ Free Infographic Submission Site List 2024

After developing some stunning infographics, you're wondering how you might utilize them to spread the word about the information they contain, drive more traffic to your website, and even persuade viewers to download or share them.

In real life, the term "leverage" is frequently used to describe an instance in which one party has the edge over the other, enabling the latter to obtain or accomplish a goal.

Utilizing another person's audience in marketing is a typical strategy to get more attention. Doing so allows you to place worthwhile material in front of other people's customers.

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You must exercise caution, though, as this does not include "using" someone else's audience but instead developing a mutually beneficial partnership that will benefit you, the audience, and the website that initially attracted them.

Utilizing audiences outside your site may help you increase reading in several ways. The foundation of the guest posting approach is, in fact, leverage.

Instead, post your infographic on infographic submission websites, platforms, or directories, since these are the areas that people look at first when looking for an infographic they can utilize. This is a much simpler approach that uses no email marketing at all.

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Benefits of Infographic Submission

The use of free infographic submission sites offers various benefits, especially in SEO. These benefits include:

  • On social media such as Facebook and Twitter, these infographics are more commonly shared than other information available in the form of text.
  • Infographics can be incorporated into websites more easily and are able to convey complex information in an understandable way.
  • Many people like to express themselves through simple presentations and this method proves to be an effective method because being creative and informative is the main aspect of the success of these infographics.
  • In the online marketing world, an infographics submission site is considered an effective function of SEO because it yields more incoming links and also increases traction.
  • Incorporating your brand logo with an infographic can also prove to be a valuable method for promotional purposes.
  • Examine the data thoroughly and its engaging presentation through the infographic enables you to convey important information to the audience within seconds of interacting with your visual representation.

Send your infographic to these trustworthy websites to increase visibility, backlinks, and social media shares

You may increase your audience by submitting your infographics to the best infographic submission websites 2023 and directories and those with the highest domain authority (DA). These websites are safe, dependable, and trustworthy because of the diligence we put into them.

As its name indicates, eLearning Infographics focuses on infographics designed with education and learning in mind. This flourishing community has approximately 75,000 active online educators, instructors, professors, and instructional designers. This is where you should post any instructional infographics you have.

Behance is an online portfolio platform where designers worldwide may display their creations. This community has more than 10 million members, making it a great area to show your infographics.

A community of millions of amateur and professional photographers and designers may be found on Flickr, a Yahoo-owned website that blends image galleries with social networking, chat rooms, and clubs.People frequently use it to upload photographs, but you are free to contribute whatever artwork you have created.

Infographic Bee is a website where you can get lovely infographics and submit your works for either free (if you're ready to wait) or $11.95 if you'd like an urgent revision. After it is published, your infographic comes with a description and a colour scheme with hex codes (a fantastic source of inspiration!).

  • Infographic Journal

The search engine marketing firm SearchRank is behind the creation of Infographic Journal. The website is entirely dedicated to showing the top infographics online.

They claim on their About page that they set themselves apart from competitors like, Pinterest, and others by only publishing the absolute finest infographics rather than those that are widely available.

Data visualization and innovative infographics may be found on This website presents the most recent infographics on various subjects, from sports to the environment, travel, and technology. Infographics will be added to the relevant categories as per the subject. The most recent visualizations will be shown at the top of each type.


Anyone may easily design infographics with infographic makers that are attractive and suitable for infographic submission websites we listed above. Our pre-made infographic templates from infographic submission websites 2023 are simple to update and eliminate the need to create one.


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