20 Types of Backlinks Creation Actvites off-page SEO in 2023

Hello, friends Today we are decision the top 20 backlinks creation activities 2023 in SEO off-page.If you also want to Rank your Business or site in Google in an Organic way then you are the right. As much On-page SEO is necessary for our website, as some types of Off-page SEO is necessary for our site to grow. we start the discussion about these 20 types of backlinks activities step by step in below-:

1.Profile Creation-: Profile Creation is a very good activity in SEO. where we create our profile to third party website, here we give profile information that includes business name, website, contact number, profile image, blog, location, and description thus people or customers easily find us our business with a brand name.

2. Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking in simple a way where you can search and save a link for future use. bookmarking website helps us to share our website links with other users and also use it to index our pages.

3. Classified Submission: Mainly use to provide our business and service information to other users in local and international. In Classified submission, we select a particular category thus related to our business and create a classified.

4. Business listing: Business listing as mainly an online profile thus gives us information to people or customers about our business like name, number, and place, or website.

5. PDF/PPT Submission: Use to generate our traffic to our website and increase the number of customer connections by design and gives information through Powerpoint presentation.

6. Image Sharing: Image Sharing where we submit our business photo or service and Product in Photo to different sites to attract the user.

7. Video Sharing: Video Submission is a very hi important activity to business ko promote and brand awareness in digital form.

8.Directory Submission: we submit our URL and select a particular activity related to our business directory submission gives as long live types backlinks.

9. Article SubmissionArticle submission is also a very important part of off-page SEO and where we a content post on third party sites related to our business.

10. Forum SubmissionForum Submission is also a very important role in off-page, here we create our backlinks to forum site and submit a link, and also create a link to forum profile to get high DA backlinks.

11.Web2.o Sites: Web 2.o site backlinks are actually blogging websites and content posting sites thus domain authority high and we post content to get hard backlinks for these and boost our sites.
Do-Follow Profile Creation Website List 2020
12. Micro-Blogging: Micro Blogging Site were we post 150  to 200 content at adding a link or a file thus related to the given content and polish it .like Twitter.

13. Guest Posting: Guest Posting is playing an important role in backlinking or Off-page SEO, and they also give as high-quality backlinks and traffic, Guest Posting is time-consuming in SEO off-page but give as valuable links.

14. Press Release: Press release submission refers to writing about new products or services of the company and submitting it to Press release sites.

15. Event Submission: Event Submission mainly does when we lunch or add a new service and product in our business, In this Submission, we give the full address of the product location where we lunch it in booking ticket website links thus gives you all info about the product.

16. Question And Answers Site: Question and answers submission we submit question-related to business and other users will answers this question as same this way we answer other user questions and submit our links in answers.

17. Infographics Submission: Infographic submission we create and submit graphic eye-catching because we use different colors, images, and cartoons to express our words and business to customers.

18. Review Submission: Review Submission we submit a review to another review site to rank out google my business site and for doing branding to our site.
Forum Submission Site List 2020
19. Social Networking: Social Networking as we all know, who much social media is important to make brand our site and here we get a free million of traffic in seconds.

20. Blog Commenting: Yeah I know want are you think "Google consider blog commenting link in spam".but they also give as benefits to increase our DA and PA In Different ways.


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